Let There Be Lights!

We have gradually and slowly been pecking away at getting the New House finished. The Fella and I spent the weekend there, hanging lights and ceiling fans, discussing kitchen options as I taped the footprint of the prospective island on the floor (I think it may be too big, but as it’s stainless steel, could … Continue reading Let There Be Lights!

Updates and stuff

Alright! It’s been a while and work has been happening. There is a Fella in the mix now, and he is contributing ideas, opinions, and work to the finishing of The New House. The plans are that he and I will live there together in wedded bliss, come Summertime. His ideas are myriad and excellent, … Continue reading Updates and stuff


That’s right, y’all! The outside is completely done except for the landscaping and that’s going to happen as I look at it and figure out what to do. Unless, of course, the building inspector, Baby Clouseau, decides that it needs a finished lawn. He has implied that sod will need to be put down before … Continue reading The OUTSIDE is FINISHED

This past week…

I went to Alabama to work on The New House this week. School for the Summer is done with, at least until August 14 when the Fall semester starts up. Have you noticed that Fall keeps scooching it’s way toward Summer? Soon Summer won’t even exist anymore, not as I remember it, anyway. ¬†Enough of … Continue reading This past week…


I spent the last week at The New House, where interior doors were painted a lovely blue, crown molding was mostly installed in a large room, and tiles for the bathrooms were chosen and ordered. Of course, I’ve changed my mind about said tiles, but no big deal. I’ll return what I’ve decided against and … Continue reading Update!

Finally! An update!

Yeah, it’s been a while, but there hasn’t been much activity on the house. School is pretty intense so I haven’t had time to work on it, and the weekends I’ve been over there have either had bad weather or I decided to play with the Grandpunkin instead. So, I wrote about the snafu with … Continue reading Finally! An update!