Every Outfit Needs Jewelry

All the ordered appliances have arrived- kitchen stuff, washer and dryer (I spend half as much on the stove as budgeted, so sprung for new ones), toilets and sinks.

The drywall was put up this week, and the guy will return next week to sand it (after the mud dries). I decided to go with smooth ceilings, because the textured stuff gathers dirt and it difficult to clean (so says 30 years of home owning experience. We put smooth ceilings on the house we renovated in 1990, and I loved them). Himself said that the textured ceilings came about because the smooth ones are a little more difficult to do, being overhead and all. Plus my ceilings are at 10 feet instead of the standard 8, so even more so but I want smooth, and smooth I’m getting.

I’m down to choosing the jewelry…faucets, door stuff, light fixtures and ceiling fans. I’ve got to get the tiles for the bathrooms (that’s about been decided, plus I found someone with Skill to help me with the tiling, in exchange for a pool table I’ve been wanting to unload) (I love bartering. Everyone benefits).

Ebay is a great place to find interesting things for cheap. Since I have these beautiful antique doors, I want beautiful door hardware. None of this bland old brushed boring blah but servicable but so uninteresting door knobs. Way back in the day, they made everything interesting. Have you even noticed the very old streetlamps, and how pretty they are? Or mailboxes? When did we go to completely serviceable yet so boring with the aesthetics? Why does a door knob or a mailbox or a floor tile have to be so stinkin’ PLAIN? IT DOESN’T. So, in the interest of making my house Not Boring and Exactly As I Want It, I’ve gotten these for the doors:

6 of them (because I need 5 and they’re sold in pairs). I also have rimlocks to go on the inside of the doors (that’s how the door stays shut, and how one can lock the door. They use old timey skeleton keys). *and* fancy glass doorknobs for added excitement and decorations.  Long backplates like these are necessary because the doors had them before, so there’s holes and scarring on the doors that need covering up. These will do the job nicely. Viva la Ebay!  I’m sure there’s more to it than just screwing them on and calling it done, but we’ll work it out.

I’ve been gathering paint chips in the interest of choosing. I’m going with various shades of a certain type of blue- sort of on the greyish side of a true blue (that is, not leaning toward green or purple). I’ll use a lighter shade on the great room and guest room, a slightly darker one in the other guest room, and a slightly-lighter-that-the-first in the hallway. I want an extremely pale rose-pink in my sewing room (that’s what I have now and love it), and a blue-that-looks-white-until-it’s-against-white in my bedroom, and a slightly darker shade of that in the master bath.  All the bathroom fixtures are white and brushed nickle, and I’m going with white tiles. I’ve decided against the cobalt blue in the master bath, in the interest of being able to change the colors at whim, so all I’d need to change are the paint and towels. I’m still going  to do something interesting under the tub, but that may be as simple as a different style of tile, rather that colors.  Of course, that is all subject to change about 24 times before the actual works starts. I do know the paint in the rooms should be light, especially in the great room because of the way the windows are in.

I also need to get around to picking a wood stove. Oy.

BUT you know, this whole thing, having The World’s Most Enthusiatic Overseer (Dad), and The Greatest Builder That Ever There Was (David the Builder), and his Very Fine Crew, Indeed, has meant that all I’ve really had to do is the fun stuff- the choosing of the appliances and pretty things, and the decision making about where stuff goes and how big I want it. Himself always ALWAYS said he never wanted to build a house because it’s a huge headache, and maybe it has been for many people, but all I can see is Dad having a great time being Dad about everything, and I’m having so much fun taking my sweet time and getting just the right things for prices I’m willing to pay (like, the refrigerator I wanted was marked down $700 just for November….which is why I’ve been biding my time on getting things…sale prices. Everything goes on sale at some point.)

I’m going over there in a few days- Thanksgiving is coming and an assortment of relatives are showing up at Mom and Dad’s so I will as well. The Offspring mostly have to work, but possibly #4 can go with, as will Rusty the Dog Who Owns The new House And Will Let Me Live There (in exchange for biscuits and such).

Oh! Did I mention Dad built a long seat to go under the windows in the sewing room- it’s a box that’s…what…maybe 12 feet (ish?) long and whatever the height is to under the windows. Some of it will have a hinged lid on top, some will be open on the side (for sliding baskets into) and part will have a nice thick upholstered cushion, on which to sit and drink tea and observe the backyard wildlife. Probably should put a bird feeder right outside there. It will be a lovely place for the cats to birdwatch. I may put dog cushions rather than baskets in the open parts, as that seems to be the sort of place they’d like to sleep.



2 thoughts on “Every Outfit Needs Jewelry

  1. I love those backplates. Nice touch. You’re so lucky to have your Dad to watch over everything. Himself was right, building a house is usually a big headache. I’m glad it’s going so smoothly for you. You must be getting excited.


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