It was inevitable

So, I went to The Home Fixin’ Gittin’ place for paint today. I got a lot…16 gallons (in 2 gallon buckets…would you believe it’s cheaper to buy 2 gallon buckets than 5 gallon? Go figure) of primer and 12 of paint in an assortment of blues and a pale, pale pink for the sewing room. Also, rollers, pan liners, brushes, all that good stuff needed. The floors aren’t in yet so I don’t have to worry with drop cloths. That’s nice!

There was a very nice woman working the paint desk there, patiently letting me write all over the paint cans stuff like “great room 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc”. I also decided to go with the paying more per gallon and got the stuff in 1 gallon cans because the idea of pouring out a 70 pound 5 gallon bucket didn’t appeal much.

I wasn’t really sure which colors I wanted until I got online and looked at the Pantone colors and there is a lovely grey-ish blue that I used  as the baseline hue, and the rooms are varying shades, from a very very light to one that’s almost the color of stonewashed blue jeans.  There was this image on Pinterest that was a hallway painted a medium blue and the doors were dark blue, with white trim around them. I thought that was very sharp and I have a small hallway that will work just right. I like blue, it’s a neutral that isn’t brown. I really dislike brown.

Only…Dad called and it’s supposed to get down to minus eleventy-seven (or something) and only up to 13 (or something)..I mean, that’s pretty cold, and the house doesn’t have any heat yet and paint doesn’t go on right or dry right or anything when it’s that cold. Plus the idea of painting in a freezing cold house for hours and hours, box wine and radio notwithstanding, doesn’t appeal much.

So, it’s been postponed until the HVAC is installed (sometime in the upcoming week or so.) I’m refusing to worry about it though I sure do wish the painting could get done this weekend.

Apparently, Inspector Clouseau is being a pain in the arse, super nitpicky and, according to Dad, has ventured into the area of Probably Illegal and Certainly Ridiculous. More on that later, after I get the particular details. Because…if things go TOO smoothly, one gets worried.


One thought on “It was inevitable

  1. Ha! Yes, if things go too smoothly, you’re waiting for the shoe to drop, then the other shoe. I’m sure your dad will handle him. My brother had a huge window that some judge had given him and he wanted it to face the water in his new addition, but it was so large that it didn’t leave the requisite number of inches between the bottom of the window and the floor. It was a few inches off. He leaned a piece of plywood in front of the window the day the inspector came, and all went well. Sometimes you get a picky inspector or one who doesn’t know what he’s doing. They can throw a wrench into things.

    I’m excited about the paint. It will come to life when you start putting color on the walls.


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