The walls! The Porch!

The drywall is all in, ready for priming and painting. The primer and paint has been purchased, and is sitting in my dining room, accusing me daily of slackery and constantly asking why I haven’t applied it to the walls yet. Apparently I am denying it of it’s destiny. I say I’m waiting for the right moment…that is, when the HVAC is installed and it’s not 37F inside the house.

Dad emailed me a bunch of photos the other day (thanks to an assortment of excuses, I’m just now getting around to posting them) along with an announcement that the heatpump was installed and now it’s warm and cozy inside. This means I can satisfy the 12 gallons of paint and 18 gallons of primer by fulfilling it’s destiny. Not sure WHEN…though I am going over there after Christmas and will stay long enough to at least get the primer on the walls. If I’m feeling super industrious, I may go ahead and put as much paint as back and knees will allow.

Apparently the painter dislikes the yellow I chose for the screened in back porch. He seems to think it’s too vibrant, too YELLOW. Mom and Dad think it’s lovely, and according to the photos, I think so as well. There’s nothing in the world wrong with a cheery yellow back porch. It isn’t a color I’d want for a bedroom or bathroom, but a north facing porch that looks into acres and acres of hardwood forest, and has a little table and 2 chairs…that seems like YELLOW would be just right.  Now, the porch itself, the floors and all, aren’t in yet, but you can see the color and with a little imagination, picture what it will look like:

What a YELLOW! That creamy sandy color is the rest of the house.

The inside is ready to paint. Some of the lights have been delivered, but I don’t know if they’ve been installed yet. I doubt it. Each room will have ceiling fans with lights, and there will be pendants over the sink and kitchen island.

Standing in the living room looking north into the kitchen (and onto the not-yet-installed back porch)
Standing in the kitchen looking south into the living room
Oak flooring! It has to sit inside the heated house for several days, to acclimate, before being installed. The entire house (except the bathrooms, which will have porcelain tile)will be floored with this stuff.

How exciting!  I want to paint before the floors are installed so I don’t have to fool with dropcloths (except to throw them over the piles). Since there will be crown molding, I don’t have to be super careful with the upper corners. Also, no popcorn ceiling…just nice and smooth.  In 100 years, after I die, if someone wants popcorn ceiling they can deal with it themselves. I’m not going to.

It’s kind of fun to imagine 100 years from now, someone living in it. Possibly a descendant? David the builder has done such a solid job, and been so careful with choosing materials and technique, that (unless it burns down or something) this house will still be standing in 100 years. What will be done with it by then? All solar power, with Tesla batteries? Plug-in spots for cars? Or will the occupants be Old School and use the wood stove for heating and cooking? Who knows? Who’s going to find the time capsule? What will they think of the $2 bill? Will hard cash even be a thing in 100 years?


One thought on “The walls! The Porch!

  1. It’s looking good. I love the door and windows in the living room, and can’t wait to see those oak floors once they’re installed. I bet your Dad is having a ball overseeing this for you. Your painting will be so much easier without the floors and crown molding installed. Our house has ceiling fans in every room, too. I love ceiling fans.


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