The Floors!

So the guy went on and installed the floors, and Dad has assured me that it is fine to paint, as the floor guy will be sanding them several times and applying multiple layers of assorted finishes. I think they look good! He put in #2 flooring, with knots and imperfections, because that is more interesting than #1 with all it’s smoothness and blandness. I completely agree, because interesting is always better, in my opinion.

Kitchen floor


northwest bedroom floor

Also, I’ve been seriously investigating woodstoves. Now, up until recently I’ve been looking at all the contemporary incarnations- Vermont Casting, Hearthstone, etc, and had just about settled on one. However (you saw that coming!), after attending a Christmas Cookie Swap several days ago, my mind changed. See, it was held at a beautiful old house and dead center when you walk into it is a giant woodburning Charm cookstove- the sort of thing your great Gran-Mammy had in her kitchen back in the day before they got around to running electricity out to the ranch.

Image result for Charm cookstove

 I queried about it and was informed that it was indeed used to heat the house. It was so stinkin’ interesting, beautiful and all that I decided to look for something along those lines for my house. Now, I didn’t want a giant Charm cookstove, it is way too big for my purposes (and space), BUT, it did set the idea ball rolling to look for something far more interesting than a contemporary thing (as pretty as those can be). So, thanks to the Internet, I found a place that refurbishes and sells old parlor stoves (much smaller than a cookstove, and pretty much exactly what I want, AND at roughly the same price as a contemporary one). The only catch is, can I install it in such a way that will work in the airtight house it would be going into? Contemporary stoves are made for such. Can this one be retrofitted to achieve the desired goals of both warming my house *and* not using up all the oxygen? Here are the ones I’m looking hard at (inquiries to the company have been made regarding installation):

Yes, I am aware that one can’t just plop it in the floor and have a pipe out the back. There will be a stone pad and firebrick wall, and a triple walled pipe. The trim on all of these is nickel, and I’m going with nickel everywhere else (fans, lights, door hardware), so that fits.  I’m very excited about having found these!


One thought on “The Floors!

  1. They are pretty things. My MIL had a wood burning cookstove. Very neat. Hope you can get exactly what you want. Merry Christmas. Next year you’ll be in a new place. 🙂


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