Because it was all going so smoothly

I don’t know what else to title it…because that’s what it is. anyway, the last time I was there a bunch of painting got done and Dad started on the door and window trim. He sent me some pictures! Also, David the Builder got the floor put in on the back porch, which will also be screened, but obviously isn’t there yet.

Ok, so there’s the porch in all it’s sunny yellow glory. Obviously no walls or screen yet. I’m not sure what color to paint the floor, honestly I kind of think the wood is pretty all on it’s own. Maybe a clear marine varnish?

Also, the doors and windows (well, singular in the pictures but you get the idea.) I probably should have used the same trim around the doors and the windows but O well. I didn’t and if it starts bugging me in the future, I’ll change it out. Or Dad will. Or I will. Someone that may or may not be me will.

Now. There have been Adventures In Bureaucracy with the whole thing. It was all going too smoothly, something had to happen, right?

So, #3 is wanting to buy a piece of land just west of where I’m building. By that I mean RIGHT THERE. So, of course it has to be surveyed. All standard stuff. Only, upon surveying and all, it was determined that, due to the 3 of us and #3 not being Immediate Family, the Hillbilly Compound is actually a subdivision and each house needs direct access to the main road which means my property will have this skinny little finger going through the middle of #3’s property in order to access the road. Ok fine, I can wrap my head around that. A little annoying but whatever. Only…

The surveyor figured out that my house has been built on the easement- county property. It Must Be Moved Over 60 Feet To The South. Which puts it right on top of the septic tank. Well then, that needs to be moved as well. It Must Be Done.

Except that…Dad has been paying taxes on that property for the last 15 years, to which I say that means he’s got Squatter’s Rights (or something). Also, the easement stops somewhere in the midst of Dad’s property and it’s pretty unlikely, given who-all owns the surrounding land (that is, someone with a reputation for never, ever, not in a million years, ever selling the land. Ain’t happening. And also it won’t ever  get built on. Ain’t happening) All this to say, the easement is pointless.

So, Dad talked to the county commissioner and is consulting an attorney who deals with this sort of thing, and getting it all straightened out. He’s griping about it some, but he also likes a challenge and the occasional confrontation where he can point out things that are ridiculous, so I know he’s only griping because he’s supposed to.

Me, I’m sitting back and trying to decide if I really like the blue I painted my bedroom, or do I want to go with pale periwinkle.  I’ll be going back over there in a couple of weeks, to work on those doors that I started stripping and didn’t finish. I’m also going to make a final decision on the bathroom tiles. Maybe get them bought. Maybe not.


3 thoughts on “Because it was all going so smoothly

  1. You need a local lawyer who can settle this with those who can make it go away for a reasonable “fee.” This can best be worked out by people who know “somebody.” It galls, though. Fingers crossed for you.


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