So, what’s up with this “Hillbilly Compound” business anyway? Well, it’s like this. My parents live out in the Boondocks of Deepest Alabama. Like seriously. Way out there in one of those “turn off the paved road onto the dirt road” types of places. They’re building a house for me, as we are all turning into Old People (gradually) Who Are Cranky And Don’t Like Strangers. Also, my son, his Lovely Wife and The Grandpunkin are making plans to join us (with all their goats and assorted other livestock type creatures) on the property (there’s plenty to go around). Thus, there will be an assortment of houses, barns, sheds, and people all sharing space (though with plenty of trees in between so we don’t have to see each other if we don’t want to.). ┬áThe place is turning into a Family Compound type place, with Large Dogs and Things That Go Boom. So that’s what that’s all about. Should the other Sons of Mine choose to join us, there’s room for them as well, but they’ll have to build their own houses.