Blue and pink

Well, I have pictures of it all, but they’re on my phone and I can’t figure out how to get them off of it and on to the computer. Maybe if I could get a more literate person (say, the 3 year old down the street) to help, I’ll have them to show to you. … Continue reading Blue and pink

The Floors!

So the guy went on and installed the floors, and Dad has assured me that it is fine to paint, as the floor guy will be sanding them several times and applying multiple layers of assorted finishes. I think they look good! He put in #2 flooring, with knots and imperfections, because that is more … Continue reading The Floors!

The walls! The Porch!

The drywall is all in, ready for priming and painting. The primer and paint has been purchased, and is sitting in my dining room, accusing me daily of slackery and constantly asking why I haven’t applied it to the walls yet. Apparently I am denying it of it’s destiny. I say I’m waiting for the … Continue reading The walls! The Porch!

It was inevitable

So, I went to The Home Fixin’ Gittin’ place for paint today. I got a lot…16 gallons (in 2 gallon buckets…would you believe it’s cheaper to buy 2 gallon buckets than 5 gallon? Go figure) of primer and 12 of paint in an assortment of blues and a pale, pale pink for the sewing room. … Continue reading It was inevitable

Insulation and paint

The front of the house is painted so now you can see what it’s kinda going to look like…only the porch isn’t in yet. I think he’s waiting for all the tromping in and out from workers to stop, and for the wood to dry out enough to not warp once it’s down. He’s using … Continue reading Insulation and paint

details details

I was in Alabama this past weekend, dealing with the little stuff, of the sort that really isn’t so little, it just looks that way. Not much has visibly changed with the house. the electrician and plumber are there, putting in the wars (that’s wires in Southern) and pipes (that’s plumbing in Southern). #3 and … Continue reading details details